Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My eleven hundredth blog and hopefully the last!!

Welcome to my eleven hundredth blog. {Exaggerating a little of course}  First I would like to say, I admire anyone who possesses the structure and self motivation to start blogging and stick with it.   I feel like I have started so many blogs to just find myself lost in the world of blog.  Is it writers block....?  Not enough hours in the day....?  Is my life so boring that I don't have anything to blog about daily, weekly, or heck monthly....?!?!?!  I am going to go with option B, I know I have plenty to blog about!  I struggle with finding the time to blog all my ideas, thoughts, and projects.  I tend to dabble in all kinds of projects from crafts to cooking.   I have been told I am the Martha Stewart of my world.....well without all the money, personal staff, and being honest...criminal record that is!!  Just this week I was told I should wear a super cape. haha  I do hold down a full time job, 3 hour daily commute, my hobbies and carry out my family standards. {Some do need improvement, but the idea is there at least!} I am going to blog as much as possible, I am going to blog as much as possible... {repeat till I blog as much as possible}  I see my future blog as a tool to keep my life on track and record amazing things, and maybe help others with my technique and spin on things.  I do have to warn you though, I have been labeled a vocabularian. {Vocabularian: One who makes up her own words}  I tend to mash words together, add additional syllables, the works. Don't worry, I am totally understandable, just a little more expressive!  I hope you find my blog interesting and please leave comments and or questions about anything.


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