The hubs and I had a different idea on parenthood and the appropriate time to start a family during our 9 years of wedlock.  He had the normal worries of not being a good parent, being financially sound first, and losing the care free days we had.  I on the other hand was ready about two years into the marriage.  I would talk about having a baby constantly {which I am sure didn't help my cause} off and on.  It always seemed on my "off" times {content with waiting}, he would strike up a baby conversation.  Now this should have been a big red flag to drop everything and run for the nearest bedroom {or any appropriate location for that matter}, but I didn't.   It was an emotional roller coaster for me {you know what I mean here ladies} when we would talk about it.   I was so jealous of my friends starting families {single and married}, but I knew that I needed to give him time to be ready. 
    Around 8 years, I was starting to worry that we would never have a little one.  Would "Fur Babies for Life"  be my new slogan.....?   During this year, the hubs had to go out of state for work {longest 9 weeks of my life}, hello New Jersey!  He came home a couple of times during his stay and after 9 weeks, he was done.  I flew out to New Jersey for a long weekend, we visited New York, and then drove home to good ol' Missouri.  I think it was the trip away from home, or maybe the baby fairy sprinkled the magic dust, but he was ready to start a family.  We tried a few months and then finally got the timing right.  January 2009 I was pregnant!!
     I had a great pregnancy, Baby Bean was always healthy and active.  I was diagnosed with Placenta Previa at the end of my 1st trimester, but was not on high risk thankfully.  A couple pros and cons with that though.....I was scheduled for ultrasounds every 6 weeks {bonus} but was unable to perform the act of love until my placenta moved {Bummer}.  All those 2nd trimester stories just washed away to a fictional romance novel.  I was finally in the safe zone a month before my due date, creating yet another con, {8 months pregnant} you don't feel like even getting up to pee, let alone doing all that fancy horizontal dancing.  I am going to just move on....! :)
     It was finally September 19th, 2009 and we were ready to have a baby boy, but no baby in sight {birth canal anyway}.  I attended my doctor appointment that week with the hubs, and we discussed that I should schedule a c-section for the following week. So new due date, September 25th, 2009!!  We could not have been any happier to know the wait was over and we knew the exact day we would meet our little alien looking baby bean {thankfully only in ultrasounds}.  I don't think I slept at all that night before.  I was too worried about forgetting something, what it was going to be like in the hospital, but I was more excited to know I was going to be holding my son the next day{currently typing with a few tears}.  The morning finally arrived,  we took the last picture of us as a family of two and hit the hwy.  We arrived at JMH at 7am with a surgery time scheduled for 9:00am.  After all the paperwork, I was taken to the maternity floor to get ready.  Apparently this was a trendy time to birth a baby, because I was room less, the recovery room would be my new home until someone was released. {thankfully it was that morning}  My family was there to wish me well before I went into surgery, only to find out the doctor was running we just hung out and waited. I mean what else were we going to do, baby bean wasn't going to come out on his own at this point.  Around 9:15 they rolled me back to the clean room, administered my spinal tap and it was show time!!

Zeke Garrison Moyers was born on September 25th, 2009 at 9:28 am  9 pounds 8 ounces 21 inches

I don't think anything {OK another birth story, but equal} could top this special day for me and the hubs as we embarked on a new journey called parenthood.


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