Friday, November 30, 2012

{Party Planning} C {&} J Engagement

Have I mentioned how much I love party planning {I LOVE PARTY PLANNING}!! So when I heard Jessica said yes to Jake's brother Cary, I knew it was time to plan an engagement party!! {Yes Jake mentioned the idea first, but I am rubbing off on him, so....yeah!}  I had a couple months to plan a party for around forty people and make it special.  I worked around a few ideas and finally set the plans in action.  I got the guest list, colors for the wedding, and away I went. 
I saved some coin by making all my own decorations and party favors.  I made centerpieces for the three round tables and the favor table.  I did purchase table cover and worked with it to make a layered look on tables with the larger center pieces. {I should have invested in a staple gun for the table cover}  The wind was not friendly and we had some challenges on items staying, but all in all it worked out. 

The guests began to arrive as we finished up the kitchen events.  With the help of Jake's family we served up a nice meal.  Pasta, veggies, salad, and I made some amazing cupcakes.  I did put the wrong noodles in the pasta, but no one seemed to notice.  It was a big oops on my part, but it made the cooking experience fun with Jake's Mom.  Dinner was served and everyone seemed to enjoy the eats and especially the dessert!  CUPCAKES!!
After dinner, we had some games for the guests to play and just social time for the adults.  Can't forget about the kids though, so I got some paint and jewelry sets for the young ones to enjoy.  While the men played washers, the women folk made jewelry.  You can see my earrings I made above, most of them made bracelets though. Everyone had a great time. 
You can't have a party without party favors so I put my craft skills together and made mustache mugs for the men and the women had their fine jewelry to take home.  We toasted the night and said congrats.
Welcome to the family Jessica!


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