Friday, November 30, 2012

{Birthday Feature} Zeke Turns Three

Where has the time gone, I mean really!! It seems like only yesterday my baby boy was born and now he is hard headed, independent (when he wants to be), funny, charming, and THREE!!  I started planning his birthday party about 6 months before the actual event. (Crazy planner like that)  This year we went with a Lightning McQueen theme because he loves Cars, anything Cars!!  I planned out an obstacle course that was themed to the characters on the movie Cars and Cars 2.  We had a Jump Jump, Cake, Candy, and lots of fun.  We had a good crowd in the back yard and perfect weather.  I really think everyone had a good time and we really appreciate everyone that could attend and make my sons birthday party so special.  He was so excited for all his gifts, and especially his full size electric Lightning McQueen car from Daddy and I!! He mowed down a couple kids and basically all of the obstacle course, but hey...he was having fun and no ER visits!!  I took off the Monday and Tuesday after his party.  Tuesday was his actual birthday and we went to the Zoo and Build a Bear too.  It was just me and him all day (Poor Daddy had to work) and we had a blast. He made a elephant at Build a Bear and named him Lightning McQueen.  We got some LM pajamas for him too.  We walked around the entire Zoo and did all the extra stuff.  Children Zoo, the Train, and the shark and sting ray tank.  So many memories we made that day.
 Happy Birthday to my handsome three year old.  Love you!


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