Back in the day {which happens to be a Wednesday} at Mother Goose daycare, a little girl and boy played on the jungle gym five days a week.  Little did they know, one day they would be married and have a family.   We don't recall to many memories from those days, but my hubs seems to remember my mother dropping me off with McDonald's breakfast every morning. {Thank you for the weight}  Our mothers both worked at local factories, {Trimfoot and Pants Factory} which made us both early drop offs.  I do remember having hot cakes, egg mcmuffins, hash browns, and milk almost everyday.  Most kids got daycare breakfast consisting of cereal or oats. YUCK!! I can see why the hubs remembers that from almost 30 years ago.
We chased each other through the school years, {I was a grade ahead} with little to no contact through elementary and middle school.  We had developed our own social circles and activities so I thought. I later found out during our middle school days, he would spend the night at my neighbor Joe's house to creep on me.  It wasn't until my senior year that we contected again. {both parties included} :)
We both enrolled in a weight lifting class my senior year and became close friends again during that hour.  We started hanging out more and more as friends, but you could tell as time passed that it might become more one day.  My senior prom was coming up and I needed a date.  I had took boyfriends in the past to school dances and said I wanted to be single and just have fun for prom.  Who better to escort me than my life long friend, so I planned to ask him.  Little did I know this would be a challenge, did I like him more than a friend..? Would this be the start of a relationship if I ask him to prom...?  I was walking through the cafe with a friend and saw him in front of us a little ways ahead.  I started to compile my thoughts to do the deed,  do I call out to him, wait till we have class again, or just call him. Well I didn't do any of those, at the very moment I mentioned I would just call him, my friend started screaming his name and then {at the top of her lungs} asked him to go to prom with me!  Did this just happen...... I had always thought of myself as a stand alone person and strong, but he did something to me that made me weak.  So you can figure out what happen next, {no I didn't run the other direction} we caught up with him and I asked him to prom. {again}  He said yes and the rest is history.  We have been together for 14 years {April 1998} and married for 12 years {July 2000}.   I can still remember the day he asked me, "Can I kiss you?".   It was our first kiss and would never be our last. We have been through almost everything from highschool drama, buying our first house, financial issues, multiple vehicles, party days and starting a family. Even though we don't always get along, we still know after all these years our love is strong and we can get through anything as long as we are together. {and sometimes apart for the more heated issues} :)  I love you!

                        Mother Goose Daycare 1984


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