Friday, November 30, 2012

{Holiday Feature} Halloween, How I love the Holiday!!

If you know me and my love for Halloween, you will know that this post is mild compared to the excitement and joy I have with everything spooky!!  We host a Halloween Adult party every year and have a blast.  Lots of food, laughs, and games to be played.  Justin and Rebecca Rawson (Soon to be in 2013) won best costume this year as Frankenstein and his bride.  Jake and I dressed up as the Day of the Dead.  
Mr. Zeke was Batman!! He is still Batman on random days with or without the costume!!  
Tytus was a horse for the Sheriff on his back.  Poor Tytus didn't have a very welcoming Halloween as I took him to the Vet that day to have his testicles removed. aka balls!  He did very well and was full of energy when I picked him up.  Thank you Vet Clinic for taking good care of our baby.  
First Trip to SIX FLAGS and it was Fright Fest!! Amazing time with our family and friends on all the rides.  I think Shannon and I had just as much fun in Looney Toon Town as the kids.  They are 3 and 4!!
It was our second year hosting the Trick or Treating Moyers annual Chili night.  We invite all our friends and family to enjoy a night of spooktacular fun and warm food in our bellies.  We had a great turn out this year and look forward to all the other years to come.  Happy Halloween, Spook ya Later till next year.


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