Friday, November 30, 2012

{Holiday Feature} It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Moyers Christmas 2012 and we are right on schedule!!
 Christmas Lights- Check
2012 Photo Ornament- Check
New this year!! Santa Painting- Check 
First Visit to See Santa was a Success- Check
United Bell Ringing- Check
Advent Calendar Filled- Check
Santa Hat- Check
Awesome Weather to play in the mud- Check
No Photo, but we have all our shopping done and wrapped. Even some under the tree!!

{Holiday Feature} Elf on a Shelf- Meet Alastar

I started Elf on a Shelf when Zeke was only three months old. Although he didn't move around a lot when he was that small, he was still becoming a family tradition for years to come.  Zeke must have been a good boy, because Santa brought him some awesome gifts over the years. (wink)  This year has been so much fun, I am calling it Epic.  Zeke has been waking up early to see where that sneaky Alastar has moved through the night and even shares with him.  I have caught him talking to Alastar when he doesn't think we are around.  It is magical and special to my heart to make his Holiday so memorable and bright!  This post will be a place to share my families Elf Adventures for 2012 and please feel free to use any of our ideas to make your Elf memorable too!

{Birthday Feature} Zeke Turns Three

Where has the time gone, I mean really!! It seems like only yesterday my baby boy was born and now he is hard headed, independent (when he wants to be), funny, charming, and THREE!!  I started planning his birthday party about 6 months before the actual event. (Crazy planner like that)  This year we went with a Lightning McQueen theme because he loves Cars, anything Cars!!  I planned out an obstacle course that was themed to the characters on the movie Cars and Cars 2.  We had a Jump Jump, Cake, Candy, and lots of fun.  We had a good crowd in the back yard and perfect weather.  I really think everyone had a good time and we really appreciate everyone that could attend and make my sons birthday party so special.  He was so excited for all his gifts, and especially his full size electric Lightning McQueen car from Daddy and I!! He mowed down a couple kids and basically all of the obstacle course, but hey...he was having fun and no ER visits!!  I took off the Monday and Tuesday after his party.  Tuesday was his actual birthday and we went to the Zoo and Build a Bear too.  It was just me and him all day (Poor Daddy had to work) and we had a blast. He made a elephant at Build a Bear and named him Lightning McQueen.  We got some LM pajamas for him too.  We walked around the entire Zoo and did all the extra stuff.  Children Zoo, the Train, and the shark and sting ray tank.  So many memories we made that day.
 Happy Birthday to my handsome three year old.  Love you!

{Family Feature} C {&} J Get Married September 15th, 2012

 September 15th, 2012 marks the day two became one and united three kids as a family.  It was an exciting day to be able to celebrate with family at this wonderful event.  Everyone looked dashing, especially my little Zeke in his Tux.  I was so proud of him.  He got his Mack truck as a bribe to be a good boy and well it kinda back fired on me, as he took it down the aisle with him, held it during the ceremony and even laid down on his ring bearer pillow and faked a nap with him.  Oh the memories of Zeke's first wedding, but isn't that what it is all about??  The ceremony was very nice and Zeke had a good time dancing with all the little girls. It was a long night for everyone, but it was a celebration for the books.  Congrats Cary and Jessica Moyers.  Welcome to the family Jessica and Madison.

{Holiday Feature} Halloween, How I love the Holiday!!

If you know me and my love for Halloween, you will know that this post is mild compared to the excitement and joy I have with everything spooky!!  We host a Halloween Adult party every year and have a blast.  Lots of food, laughs, and games to be played.  Justin and Rebecca Rawson (Soon to be in 2013) won best costume this year as Frankenstein and his bride.  Jake and I dressed up as the Day of the Dead.  
Mr. Zeke was Batman!! He is still Batman on random days with or without the costume!!  
Tytus was a horse for the Sheriff on his back.  Poor Tytus didn't have a very welcoming Halloween as I took him to the Vet that day to have his testicles removed. aka balls!  He did very well and was full of energy when I picked him up.  Thank you Vet Clinic for taking good care of our baby.  
First Trip to SIX FLAGS and it was Fright Fest!! Amazing time with our family and friends on all the rides.  I think Shannon and I had just as much fun in Looney Toon Town as the kids.  They are 3 and 4!!
It was our second year hosting the Trick or Treating Moyers annual Chili night.  We invite all our friends and family to enjoy a night of spooktacular fun and warm food in our bellies.  We had a great turn out this year and look forward to all the other years to come.  Happy Halloween, Spook ya Later till next year.

{Family Feature} Just call me Slacker!

Well I did it again. Slacked on my blogging duties and fell behind about five months.  In my defense  I work 40 hours a week and drive 12.5 hours a week just to get to my 40 hour a week job.  Not to mention being a wife and a mother to two needy boys. (Yes I said it!!)  Believe me when I say "In my heart I want to be a blogger, but my current life does not allow time to put my thoughts in type.  I mainly want to blog to save those moments in life that I can never get back and be able to revisit from time to time and enjoy all the things I miss.  I guess I need to just write down my thoughts and ideas and hire someone to write it for me, but then when would I have time to just write them down.  So this post will be a recap on anything exciting going on in my life over the last 5 months with little highlights to explain the photo flood of events.  This might be my new blog style, but I hope to be a little more responsible with my family blog.  Not only for the readers, my family but for myself.  Please ask any questions in the comments if you feel like asking.  Don't think I forgot about Zeke's birthday or Halloween. Those two are special to get their own post!!
(Going to apologize for the odd photo captions in advance!! )

Bright Horizon Daycare Picnic was a blast.  It was a hot one, but we managed to stay cool with some tropical snow and the Farmington fire truck came to visit.

Zeke moved rooms at daycare again.  I am so happy to have Mrs. Stephanie as his teacher. She is a sweetheart and really seems to care for my little man. 

Tytus has grown and becoming more of a hoot every day.  He is a mess let me tell you!!  As Zeke explains it to everyone... "Mom cuts Tytus's balls off!"  on Halloween. 

We celebrated Fathers day with some survival gifts for dad.  Zeke also made a photo collage for his daddy at school and presented him with it on Fathers Day.

Happy Fourth of July!! We celebrated with the Howard family and watched the Park Hills display with the Sansoucies.  BBQ, swimming, and good memories were made.

Union Day at the Ball Park.  We go every year to support the Union.  This year we took the entire family with us and had a great time. Zeke loves him some baseball!!

Even though we do not let him watch SOA, we support the show all around!  

Grandparents day was a wonderful event this year and I plan on keeping the tradition going.  We invited all the Grandparents from both sides of the family and all the families.  I planned a paint activities with them as a take home memory.  They all seemed to love it and we had lunch and  they all played with Zeke.  He was the only grandchild that could make it, so he was a little spoiled! A little! 

Rare moment as I was home one Friday during the Homecoming celebrations in Park Hills, so we meet up with a friend of mine and enjoyed the floats and all the candy!!

Signed up for Swim lessons at the Civic Center, was late for the fist lesson, teacher didn't show to the second and that was that!!

Lunch after a photo session in the park.  Thank you Emily Miller for capturing our family yet another year before you move to the ocean.

Photo day at Bright Horizon! Zeke and his buddy Aiden.  Cool hair dudes!!